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I have doubts about the course of initiation. What I can do?

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Examination and treatment of myofascial system.

It's tool. It's method. Instrumentalized Manual Therapy is the exploration and treatment methodology of the mofascial system that allows you to do any type of treatment without losing sensitivity with the patient.


Examination and treatment of myofascial system.

It's tool. It's method. Created to relieve the hands of the physiotherapist, Manual Therapy is instrumentalized methodology examination and treatment of the fascia that lets you do any kind of treatment without losing sensitivity to patient.


When sensitivity with the patient is the most important.

The sensitivity of manual therapy combined with the effectiveness of a tool with all quality standards, result in the Instrumentalized Manual therapy (TMI).

A methodology present in more than 14 countries and supported by international bodies such as IBOC, allowing physiotherapists deal more effectively and accurately forms connective tissue-fascial. TMI is achieved by applying the techniques commonly used with the mechanical advantages of using a tool.

It's not just the tool, It is the method.

Stefan Richelli has not only developed the most versatile tools on the market, but also a treatment methodology and own exploration that allow the physiotherapist to optimize with minimal intervention on tissues causing injury.

International Board of Certification in Physiotherapy (IBOCP)

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Four own tools and countless application techniques. Solves more efficient, early and lasting muscle injuries, tendons and ligaments.

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