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Instrumentalized Manual therapy

The sensitivity of manual therapy combined with the effectiveness of the tool, result in the Instrumentalized Manual therapy (TMI). A methodology supported by international organizations such as IBOC, that allows physiotherapists to any technique that with the most would be practically impossible.

Developed by Stefan Richelli, this method is not limited to the Osteopathy and Physical Therapy Clinic located in Valencia (Spain), its effectiveness and international recognition is such that, professionals around the world are formed and specialize in it through certified courses Richelli's Therapy Solutions.

International certification IBOCP

International Board of Certification in Physiotherapy

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Richelli's tools

Seven own tools and countless application techniques. Solves more efficient, early and lasting muscle injuries, tendons and ligaments.

The Richelli's tools allow greater tissue penetration can act on deep muscle planes, and increased grip or fixation on muscles. Its ease of use and versatility, It makes them the best ally of the physiotherapist.